Single women discard social custom by embracing red clothes

Trishuli, March 21: The single women folks of Bageshwori area in Nuwakot have started wearing red clothes that they had discarded after the demise of their spouses.

A total of 184 women from Suryagadhi Village Council – 2 and 3 departed from the Hindu custom and convention to wear red – coloured sari and under garments including Tika (a mixed paste of red vermillion and curd).

The women have been socially ostracized after discarding red – coloured attires following the death of their husbands, according to Bageshwori Single Women’s Chairperson, Deuti Dhakal.

The government data shows there are a total of 220 single women in Bageshwori. The ceremony of donning red attires was organized in coordination with the All Nepal Women’s Association Central Committee. RSS